Property Taxes

How are property taxes calculated?

A tax rate is the rate of taxation applied against the assessed value of property within a municipality to collect the revenue required by the various taxation authorities.
Normally the tax rate is expressed in mills (dollars in tax per thousand dollars of assessed property value) or sometimes as a percentage of an assessed property's value. For example a tax rate of 1.5% on a property valued at $100,000 would require a payment of $1,500 in property tax.

Your Taxes

Your property taxes include Municipal taxes,  Provincial levies and County levies that the municipality collects and then remits to the Province or County.

Taxes are billed based on the calendar year and are due on June 30th of each year.  There are several options for paying taxes. 

  • You may pay in person

  • Use the after hours mail slot in the east door

  • At most financial institutions, or

  • Telephone or online banking. (Please check with your financial institution.)

We also offer a monthly tax payment withdrawal program.  For information on this program, or any other questions regarding property taxes, please contact the Town Office at 780.895.2010

Further information regarding Property Assessment and the Appeals process can be found on the Alberta Municipal Affairs Website