Town of Lamont Alert System

The Town of Lamont Alert System is now available.

With this system, we will be able to notify you in the event of an emergency situation as well as any information that is pertinent to you.

Examples of the information that we can alert you of:

Road Closures
Snow Clearing
Street Sweeping
Water Line Breaks

The alerts can be sent to you via text; cell phone; e-mail and land line. You select how you want to be notified. The system will require you to choose a minimum of two options – but you can select more.

We will not flood you with irrelevant messages. We will not use your information outside of the intent of the alert system.

Go to the Member Portal to register. 

Click on the “Sign Up’ button located in the black strip at the bottom of the log-in box.  For detailed sign up instructions, go here.