Budget 2021

Annually, Council adopts a budget that guides capital and operating expenditures for the given year. For the 2021 Budget, an interim budget will be approved by Council in December and the budget will be presented for Council to debate in April.

2021 Budget Survey 

New to the budget process this year, the Town asked for input from the public to help guide this process before beginning the next cycle of the budget process.  

Council and Administration want to understand what spending priorities are most important to residents and business owners, and if we should increase, decrease, or maintain municipal service levels while developing the next budget.

Participation was voluntary and responses were anonymous and kept strictly confidential.  The survey was conducted from July 17 to September 11, 2020.

2021 Budget Survey - What We Heard Report

The What We Heard Report’ shares the results from the Town of Lamont’s 2021 Online Budget Survey.

Results (and comments) were provided to Council for their consideration during Budget deliberations.

The report is now available here:  What We Heard Report - 2021 Budget Survey Results 

Budget 2021
2021 Budget Introduction

Budget 2020

2020 Budget Highlights
2020 Tax Infographic
2020 Budget Presentation
2020 Operating Budget Summary

Financial Plans
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Financial Statements
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The average municipal tax bill is comprised of three elements:

Municipal Property Tax
Municipal property tax rates are determined by the programs, services, and infrastructure needs of residents and businesses. Tax Rates are applied to the assessed value of properties within the municipalities.

Education Property Tax
Every year the province calculates, based on assessment value, the amount each municipality must contribute towards the public education system. Municipalities collect the education property tax from rate payers and then forward it to the province for a deposit into the Alberta School Foundation Fund.

Lamont County Seniors Foundation
the Town receives a requisition from the Lamont County Seniors Foundation which provides affordable seniors housing. Under the Alberta Housing Act, the Town is required to collect these funds from the municipality property owners, similar to the education requisition.