Family & Community Support Services

Lamont Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is a cooperative venture with a cost sharing plan between Lamont County and the Town of Lamont. Funding is used to support and develop locally driven preventative social service initiatives.

FCSS supports and promotes prevention and intervention programs to help strengthen families and the community.

Programs are developed to help individuals adopt healthy lifestyles that will improve the quality of life and build the capacity of the community to support itself. FCSS programs depend on community resources, often involving volunteers and local resources in the delivery of services.

To better understand the philosophy behind FCSS visit the Family and Community Support Services Association at

Lamont FCSS provides Summer camps, True 2 You, Parents & Tots and Roots of Empathy . For more information on any of these programs please contact the Lamont County FCSS at 780.895.2233

Click on the following link for information regarding 2019 FCSS summer programs for children ages:

0-6 Parent Link Play Mob Tuesdays
0-6 Science Fun
4-6 Early Years Summer Day Camp
7-12 Kidz Campout Week
7-12 Kids Summer Day Camp
13-17 Teen Week