Planning and Development

Lamont works with all developers, regardless of size, to ensure development within the community is seamless and sustainable.

Planning and land use decisions are carried out in accordance with all local, provincial and federal regulations taking into account the needs, desires and opinions of the residents while striving to create a safe, healthy and sustainable community. Refer to the planning document diagram which outlines the order in which land use planning decisions flow through the various planning documents.

Some of the tools used for making decisions regarding development are:

Land Use Bylaw 06/17

Municipal Development Plan

For a development permit application and requests for Land Use Bylaw amendments, find more information here.

For information regarding Safety Codes Permits (Building, Electrical, Gas, Plumbing) go here.

If you have questions regarding a potential development, contact our office at 780.895.2010 or the Development Officer listed below.

Laraine Stuart