Good Neighbor Reminder

Posted on Friday June 15, 2018 at 01:22PM

 Good Neighbor Reminder
We have had several complaints already this year regarding unkept and messy yards, alleys and boulevards.

Please keep in mind YOU are responsible for:
• Trimming your trees and grass and keeping weeds under control
• Removing Smelly items such as garbage and pet waste
• Being responsible for your property and the alley, boulevard and sidewalks next to it
• Campers and RV’s can not be parked in your front yard at any time and can not be parked on the street for an extended period

Bylaw 07/18

10.1 An unsightly is any condition and or around property that is untidy, offensive, dangerous to health and safety, or which interferes with the use or enjoyment of other property, and includes:

a) uncut grasses or weeds on the property that are longer that 10 cm.,
b) trees or shrubs that interfere with civic works or any public utilities,
c) dense or opaque smoke emitted into the atmosphere for more than 6 minutes per hour,
d) dense or opaque dust emitted into the atmosphere,
e) smelly compost heaps,
f) wrecked or dismantled vehicles, or those that are unsightly and abandoned, unregistered or uninsured, and
g) Any material including garbage, building materials, tires, boxes, machine or machine parts.

10.2 Owners, tenants and agents must prevent the occurrence of, or immediately remedy, any unsightly

Author: Town of Lamont


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