Water & Sewer

Water & Sewer

Our Water Supply

The Town of Lamont provides safe and high-quality drinking water to its residents and to commercial customers. Our water is supplied by the Capital Region Northeast Water Services Commission.

The Commission pipes water to Lamont from E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant. Water within Lamont is tested weekly for bacteria and chlorine, to ensure safe drinking water for all residents.

Water Quality

To ensure your water is of the highest possible quality, water quality samples are taken and analyzed annually. Water within the community is tested weekly for bacteria and chlorine, in order to maintain safe drinking water for all residents. Each year, a water quality report is published, detailing sampling locations, frequency of testing and results.

Water Metering

Most homes and businesses in Lamont have a remote reader on the interior of their buildings enabling the Public Works staff to read the meters without entering the premises. Meters are read every two months. If for any reason a remote reading is not possible, Town staff will contact you to set up an appointment to check the meter.

Should you experience problems with your water meter in your home, please contact the Town Office.



Lamont's sanitary sewer system plays an important role in citizens' good health and hygiene by collecting wastewater from homes and businesses. Wastewater is any flow from sinks, toilets or appliances - such as washing machines and dishwashers.

All wastewater flows northwest of the Town and is collected into a larger trunk line which flows to a lift station. It is then picked up and pumped to our lagoons. The wastewater ends up in a larger cell were it is stored. Approximately every 18 months, with proper testing, the wastewater is released into a creek where it makes its way to the river. When the waste water is released, samples are taken on the second day, which are collected into sample bottles and sent to a lab in Edmonton for full chemical and mineral composition.

Residents can help keep our town's sewer system running properly by not pouring liquid fats, oil or grease down kitchen sinks and help Protect Our Pipes.

The Town flushes lines yearly, usually in May, to prevent build up and blockages.