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Budget 2024

Annually, Council adopts a budget that guides capital and operating expenditures for the given year. For the 2024 Budget, an interim budget will be approved by Council in December and the budget will be presented for Council to debate in April.

2024 Budget Survey

It's that time of year again where we connect with town Residents and Business Owners to gather feedback to help guide the annual budget.

The 2024 Budget Survey launched August 14, 2023.

Residents and business owners have until September 29, 2023 to complete the survey. The survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete and will ask questions relating to:

  • Budget Considerations
  • Business Development, and;
  • Demographics

The information collected will help shape operating and capital budget planning.

A ‘What we Heard’ report will be delivered to Council in October as a tool to inform their decision making.

We appreciate your time and input into the Annual Survey to help Mayor and Council understand the public's priorities on various services provided by the Town and will better inform Council's future financial decisions.

If participants would prefer to complete in writing, they can request a paper copy of the survey by calling 780-895-2010.

2024 Budget Survey - What We Heard Report

The report is now available here:  What We Heard Report - 2024 Budget Survey Results 

2023 Budget Survey - What We Heard Report

The report is now available here:  What We Heard Report - 2023 Budget Survey Results 

2022 Budget Survey - Tell Us Your Priorities Report

The report is now available here:  Tell Us Your Priorities Report - 2022 Budget Survey Results 

2021 Budget Survey - What We Heard Report

The report is now available here:  What We Heard Report - 2021 Budget Survey Results 

Budget 2023

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2023 Budget Presentation
2023 Operating Budget Summary

Budget 2022

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Budget 2021

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Financial Plans
3yr Operating and 5yr Capital Plan

Financial Statements

2023 Financial Statement
2022 Financial Statement
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The average municipal tax bill is comprised of three elements:

Municipal Property Tax
Municipal property tax rates are determined by the programs, services, and infrastructure needs of residents and businesses. Tax Rates are applied to the assessed value of properties within the municipalities.

Education Property Tax
Every year the province calculates, based on assessment value, the amount each municipality must contribute towards the public education system. Municipalities collect the education property tax from rate payers and then forward it to the province for a deposit into the Alberta School Foundation Fund.

Lamont County Seniors Foundation
the Town receives a requisition from the Lamont County Seniors Foundation which provides affordable seniors housing. Under the Alberta Housing Act, the Town is required to collect these funds from the municipality property owners, similar to the education requisition.