Boards and Committees

Agricultural Pest Act Appeal

Agricultural Pest Control Act Appeal Committee

To hear and make decisions on an appeal concerning a notice issued against the land, property, or livestock that contains or is likely to contain a pest or should be protected against a pest.

Terms of Reference for Agricultural Pest Control Appeal Committee

Regional Emergency Management

Regional Emergency Management

Under the terms of the provincial Emergency Management Act, a municipality is responsible for the direction and control of its emergency response and is required to appoint an Emergency Management Committee. Bylaw No. 10-19, Town of Lamont’s Regional Emergency Management Bylaw establishes this committee as well as including provisions for the other requirements as noted in the Emergency Management Act.


Terms of Reference for Emergency Management Committee

Governance and Priorities

Governance and Priorities Committee

Serves as an advisory body to Council. Meetings serve as an opportunity for Council to be provided with information on governance and policy matters and as an opportunity for Council to seek clarification on matters relating to Council business.

Terms of Reference for Governance & Priorities Committee

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Committee

Recommending body to Council relating to planning and design of parks and recreation use areas within the municipality.

Terms of Reference 

Economic Development Board

Serves as an advisory body to Council and Administration on policies, potential actions or advice related to the strategic goals and objectives that support economic development initiatives.