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Bucket Brigade

June 12 2024

Bucket Brigade Rules

  • Each Team Consists of 4 members.
  • First 8 teams entered qualify to participate, please pre-register.
  • Each Team has a Team Name selected by team.
  • Source of water and buckets for hauling provided.
  • Teams will haul water from the source up to the barrels and dumped into barrels.
  • Only water from the source provided can be used.
  • Contest judge gives the signal to begin the contest.
  • First team to fill their barrel with water will be declared the winner of that heat.
  • Winner will then advance to next heat.
  • All decisions by judge are final.
  • No dumping or throwing of water on participants or spectators.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed in the area.
  • No intoxicated persons are allowed to participate.


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